Dr. Brad Manning

Licensed Psychologist


Psychological Evaluations

What is the Purpose of a Psychological Evaluation?

A comprehensive assessment by a trained professional is a crucial first step in understanding and addressing the difficulties which an individual is experiencing. At Manning Psychological Services the purpose of our evaluations is not simply to assign a diagnostic label to you or your child. Rather, our assessments are seen as means for developing a deeper understanding of why someone is behaving and feeling the way they are, so that appropriate treatments can be structured and implemented.

Every individual who participates in an evaluation at Manning Psychological Services will ultimately receive a unique service plan, based on their own specific assessment results. Some of the more frequently recommended treatment strategies include:

  • Individual or Family Counseling
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions
  • IEP’s or 504 plans
  • Medication Therapy
  • Instructional Strategies
  • FBA’s & BSP’s
  • Gifted Instruction
  • Testing Accommodations (SAT, GRE, etc)
  • Referrals to Local Agencies for Additional Support

When it is suspected that an individual’s functioning is being affected by a developmental, emotional, or learning disability, a professional evaluation is an essential first step for developing appropriate interventions, and for identifying educational and/or mental health services for which that person may be eligible. It is also recommended that a psychological assessment be conducted when an individual is considering counseling, or medication therapy, for themselves or their child. A comprehensive evaluation can lead to more efficient and effective treatment, by determining the most appropriate diagnosis, and recommending a course for treatment.

Psychological evaluations are conducted in a one-to-one setting with Dr. Manning, and are generally completed in three testing sessions. The first step in any evaluation is meeting with the individual or parent to develop an understanding of the current concern, as well as a clear goal for having an assessment conducted. Following an appropriate number of testing sessions, the evaluation is concluded with a discussion of the assessment findings and recommendations.

Yes. All evaluations at Manning Psychological Services include a detailed written report. This document will describe the assessment results, make a diagnosis (when appropriate), and provide thoughtful and realistic treatment recommendations and strategies. Our written evaluations can be helpful not only to you, but to other educational and medical professionals who are working with yourself or your child.